The Art of Being Strong

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In the spring of 2016, Deb was looking to commit to an exercise program that would give her results. She knew that personal training would motivate her and keep her accountable on her fitness journey. Sam came highly recommended as a personal trainer and was able to create a program especially tailored to what Deb was looking to achieve. Deb has been working with Sam twice a week for a little over a year and has gained serious strength and confidence in the process.

“I am down 1 ½-2 pant sizes and can comfortably walk into a store, pull a medium top and it Fits! Every session is different, never boring, and I have surprised myself with the amount of strength I have and the improved energy level. It Certainly has Worked!” -Deb Jackson

Deb considers herself to be a true foodie, she loves to try new restaurants and enjoys a glass of wine or a good beer. Deb stays as close to gluten free as possible and works to keep her macros balanced. When she has a cheat meal, her favorite indulgences are pizza and pasta. Deb’s favorite exercise to do at the gym are deadlifts and she would rather avoid jump rope.

Outside of the gym Deb enjoys golfing, biking, hiking and paddle boarding. By adding strength training and conditioning to her routine, Deb has lost a total of 20 pounds and is down 2 dress sizes. Deb says that her biggest accomplishment is committing to and sticking to her training 2 times a week.

Great Job Deb!!




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