Kid’s Fitness Programs!

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Hello all, and welcome to the Mermaid Fitness blog! My name is Kendall and I have just recently joined Sam to help run the children’s fitness programs! I am super excited about this opportunity to work with your kids this summer. As I mentioned in my bio, I am a sophomore at Wesleyan University where I play collegiate Ice Hockey and Softball. Playing two collegiate sports, I can tell you that living a healthy life is of utmost importance. I have learned over many years about not only fitness and working out but also about how to fuel my body so I can perform at my best. Amongst the many things that I have learned as an athlete, the most important thing that has resonated with me is to make each workout as fun and enjoyable as possible. As my hockey coach always reminds us before we step on the ice for practice each and every day “this should be the best part of your day” and my goal is to make sure that each and every time your kids come to the gym to workout with me, they leave in a great mood and go home telling you how much fun they’ve had!

If you have seen our flyers around town then you’ve noticed what we will be focusing on this summer, if not, here’s a sneak peak: speed and agility, core, bodyweight exercises, partner activities, and nutrition and flexibility education! I worked with my ice hockey coach, who was formerly the Strength and Conditioning coach for the United States Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey team to create a program that is built for both athletes and non-athletes alike. It starts with a warm-up that consists of rolling out on a foam roller, static and dynamic stretching. This helps to prevent any muscles pulls or any other aches and pains that can be attributed to working out. Each day will be slightly different so that we are not working the same muscles every day. Some exercises that you may see in a typical workout could be: squat jumps, planks, bodyweight squats, push-up (of many varieties), burpees, and some partner exercises as well. Finally, we will conclude each day with cardio, but don’t worry this won’t be your typical cardio. We will not only work on speed and agility, but also on quickness. Quickness translates into speed; the quicker we are able to turn our feet over, the faster we can be. The cardio can take place in many different forms from cone drills with a tennis ball to sharks and minnows (the workout edition of course!!)

While working out every day is important to keep our bodies in great shape, what’s even more important is the stuff we put into our bodies to fuel them. In order to feel the best we can we need to make sure that we are eating all of the right things. I’m not saying cut out all of the sugary treats in your diet but everything we eat must come in moderation. Throughout our program, I will help to educate the kids on the types of foods they should be eating on a daily basis, especially before and after working out. This will help your body recover after each workout so that you are feeling energetic and ready to go for the next session!

I am very excited to start working with your kids in a few short weeks and I hope that this gives you a sense of what we will be doing this summer!


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