Mermaid Fitness Programs

For One-on-One Training

Our Professional and Certified trainers will incorporate traditional weight training methodologies with creative and unique functional training modalities to create a specialized workout program for you.  Each and every session we continue to maintain our high standards and pride ourselves in our progressive and cutting edge Strength and Conditioning methods.  Whether you’re an elite athlete, a client with multiple limitations, or someone in-between, we always work within your goals, modifying  to  an individualized workout that is perfect for you.

Partner Training

Reconnect with a friend or your spouse through fitness.  Our partner training sessions are designed for those clients who enjoy working out with someone else.  Together, work 2-on-1 with a Mermaid Fitness trainer, enjoying the benefits of our knowledge and the motivation of teamwork.

Small Group Training

Don’t think personal training is within your budget? Do you enjoy group exercise?  Mermaid Fitness, now offers small group training for those of you who desire the group experience but not the crowds. Our instructors pay special attention to each of you while conducting a fun and innovative session. Work with a small group (limit of 4) with one of our Professional and Certified trainers.  Small group training is an economical and fulfilling option that can help you obtain your fitness goals.

Group Classes

Boot Camp Classes

We do it all: total body high intensity class for everyone!! Using resistance bands, dumb bells, kettle bells, body weight, med balls, conditioning ropes and so much more.


Tu & Th

6:15-7:15 am

Spaces limited - 6 person limit

TRX Classes

TRX is a suspension training device that provides body weight resistance for all levels of fitness along with the use of other modalities such as ; the TRX rip trainer, kettle bells, battle ropes, dumb bells , sandbags, and med balls for a total kick ass workout!!



6:15-7:00 am

Tu & Th
5:30-6:15 pm

Spaces limited - 6 person limit

Mobility Classes

Mobility classes offered for 30-45 min of total body stretching, rolling and smashing of those tight muscles to aid in recovery and mobility.



7:00-7:30 am

Spaces limited - 6 person limit

Endurance Training

  • Triathlon and Running coaching
  • Monthly periodized training program.
  • Weekly checking via phone, unlimited email contact
  • 1x week coached session with Sam
  • Nutritional guidance
  • From 5K to Marathon
  • Or Sprint to Ironman

Sam has experience in all endeavors being an experienced and accomplished athlete

F.A.S.T. for Kids & Teens!

F.A.S.T. for Kids!

Footwork, Agility and Speed Training for kids. This program, designed to motivate children at an early age, makes fitness fun while simultaneously improving and refining gross motor skills. Our will benefit young athletes and non-athletes by teaching them to enjoy day-to-day challenges of training without feeling intimidated, ultimately resulting in a lifetime of physical fitness. Children will learn and have the opportunity to participate in the following training:

  • Corework: medicine ball exercises
  • Plyometric training: box jumps
  • Speed & Agility drills: ladder, cone and hurdle training for quick footwork
  • Nutrition education & Flexibility education
  • Fun games and much more!!!

F.A.S.T. for Teens!

Our Teen program will benefit high school and college athletes who participate in the following competitive sports: football, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, track and field and many more.

The program is also designed for students who may chose not to be competitive athletes but are eager and willing to learn more about conditioning and to be challenged physically.

The purpose of this clinic is to correctly and safely educate students on the most current and effective modalities of conditioning. The primary goal of the clinic is to teach teens how to optimize conditioning levels, maximize athletic performance and injury reduction strategies.